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    FALL SALE - Save 30%
    (Blooms mid season) Medium pink, lightly-scented 13cm (5") flowers with an unusually deep golden-yellow centre and pink-tipped stigmas. Ht. 71cm (28"). Click here for this product.
    SUPER FRAGRANT - A deep, fragrant, midnight-purple. Just think of the possible combinations with AIOULOS or YELLOW QUEEN or early season tulips. Click here for this product.
  • Amaryllis RIO NEGRO
    FALL Bulb SALE - Save 20% while supply lasts
    Abundant, spider-like, 15cm (6") flowers veined in dark red with bright green mid ribs. RIO NEGRO won top prize at the 2007 Keukenhof Amaryllis show. Produces up to 8 flowers per stem. Click here for this product.
  • Narcissus RINGTONE
    Daffodil SALE - Save 30%
    Calling all daffodil lovers: this one's for you. Round, 9cm (3.5"), buff-champagne perianths with white highlights back up small yellow cups edged in orange zest. Ht. 36-40cm (14-16"). Click here for this product.
    FALL Bulb SALE - Save 30% while supply lasts
    Perfectly-formed, deep rose-pink, nicely-speckled Turk's cap flowers. A seldom-offered and gorgeous martagon from the hand of a martagon expert, the late Eugene Fox at Fox Lily Ranch in Alberta. Click here for this product.
  • Narcissus SWEET LOVE
    Daffodil SALE - Save 30%
    Bowl-shaped, creamy white perianths with sunproof, soft apricot cups. A sweetly-fragrant charmer with multiple bloom stalks carrying 2 or more flowers each. An AGM winner from my friend Brent Heath. Click here for this product.
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    Dugald and Lynn

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