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  • Clematis PRINCESS KATE
    A BREAKTHROUGH! Abundant, upward-facing, snow-white flowers 6cm (2.5") long and 4cm (1.5") wide with purple throats and matching reverse on dark purple stems. Each bloom is shaped like a lily-flowered tulip. Click here for this product.
  • Agapanthus BLUE HEAVEN
    Few container plants make a greater impression than these vigorous perennials from South Africa. Bold clumps of strap-shaped foliage frame brilliant blue or white umbels of bloom for weeks in mid-summer. What an impressive sight on your patio or balcony Click here for this product.
  • Alstroemeria INCA ICE
    INCA ICE produces a summer long display of 5cm (2") peach-blushed cream flowers with pink throats and chocolate spots. The tops of these vigorous, upright plants are totally covered in flowers from mid to late summer Click here for this product.
  • Lonicera MAJOR WHEELER
    This remarkable native Honeysuckle is covered with hummingbird-adored scarlet flowers from late spring until fall frosts. A vigorous, mildew-resistant vine that performs well in sun to partial shade. Click here for this product.
  • Aralia SUN KING
    Light up your shade garden with this glowing golden perennial from Japan. Bright yellow foliage contrasts with cinnamon coloured stems. A perfect compliment for Hosta and Heuchera that sports a fireworks of white flowers in late summer followed by jet-black berries that birds adore. Click here for this product.
    Heuchera are an indispensible perennial for shade gardens. Their popularity has led to many hundreds of introductions with an unbelieveable range of foliage forms and flowers colour. In fact so many that they're beginning to look alike. Well, no problem there with DOLCE CINNAMON CURLS whose compact Click here for this product.
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    Anemones, Begonias, Calla, Elephant Ears, Gladiolus and many many more.
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    Alstroemeria, Aralia, Coreopsis, Hellebores, Iris and many more.
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    Vines & Shrubs
    Vines & Shrubs
    Clematis, Hydrangea, Lilacs, Roses and much more.
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    Suttons Seeds
    Suttons Seeds
    From Calendula to Sweet Peas, Lupins and Nasturtiums from the world famous Suttons Seeds.
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