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Established in 1806, Suttons Seeds quickly became the largest supplier of garden seed in England: a country of gardeners. Offering only the very best quality earned Suttons the Royal Warrant as Seedsmen to the Royal Family: a positon they’ve held ever since a young Victoria became Queen. Sure says something about Suttons quality!

In our seed listing, Flower seeds are noted as Hardy Annual, Half-hardy Annual, Hardy Biennial, or Hardy Perennial, referring to the frost tolerance and habit of the young plant. As a rule of thumb, Hardy Annuals may be direct-sown outside where you wish them to grow, whereas Half-hardy Annuals, Biennials and Perennials are most often started early indoors under lights or on a sunny windowsill, and not set out in the garden until danger of frost is over. Vegetable seeds are listed as Vegetable and herbs as Herb. General sowing instructions are given after the variety description.

The seed in each sealed Suttons packet is absolutely fresh, the quality and germination guaranteed. Each variety has been tested and proven both in the laboratory and in Canadian gardens from coast to coast. This is your assurance of top-notch germination, faster growth, and stronger plants.

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