A ruffled, bright pink edged in white.

Here's how you can have glowing, summer-long colour even in a totally shaded garden. Begonias are easy to grow in containers or the border and will last for years with little care. Big is best when it comes to Begonia tubers, that's what makes all the difference in both the amount and size of the flowers. Our Gardenimport tubers are the biggest available, usually a MINIMUM of 6.5cm. (2.5") in diameter and some are larger than that! Plant 1 tuber in a 8" pot or 3 in a 18" pot.

Jumbo 2.5"+ tubers are shipped in spring when the risk of frost is past.


flower time: June
flower colour:
plant height: 1.00ft/0.30m
hardiness zone: 10
light: Sun & Partial Shade
soil: Sandy
water: Average
unique features: good for pots
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