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A fabulous introduction with large, upright, very fragrant, red magnolia-like flowers perched atop gloriously glossy green foliage. APHRODITE starts blooming in the summer and reblooms into the early fall. Ht. and spread 1.5-1.8m (5-6'). Hardy to zone 5.

(Sweetshrubs) These are amongst the oldest flowering plants, dating back to the mid-Cretaceous when the age of Dinosaurs was coming to an end. While they aren't the superstars of the flowering shrub world they are cherished by gardeners for their alluring fragrance, attractive foliage and adaptability. These multi-stemmed, shade-tolerant, understory shrubs prefer a moderately moist, woodsy soil with partial shade to sun.

Shipped well-rooted in our 1 litre, 4.5" square pots.


flower time: June
flower colour:
plant height: 6.00ft/1.80m
hardiness zone: 5
light: Sun
soil: Average
water: Average
unique features: amazing flowers, fragrant
alternative: Philadelphus
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