(Paperwhite Narcissus)

Heavy clusters of pure white bloom with a haunting fragrance that literally fills the room. You'll get several flowering stems from each bulb you plant. There's no need for special treatment. Just pot them up, water well and grow on in a bright, cool place. Ht. 40cm (16").

Here's an easy way to shorten the winter months. Just picture it: fragrant, easy-to-grow bulbs that you can pot up a few at a time on your window sill and begin to enjoy as early as Christmas for weeks on end.

How to keep your Paperwhites from falling over
A clever botanist from Cornell University has figured out a way to keep paperwhite narcissus from growing too tall and falling over. By watering them with a mixture of 1 part rubbing alcohol and 7 parts water, they will remain short and still flower profusely.

Unfortunately, paperwhites will only bloom once but what a wonderful dislay!

HUGE 17 +cm bulbs.


flower time: April
flower colour:
plant height: 1.25ft/0.40m
hardiness zone: 9
light: Sun
soil: Average
water: Average
unique features: easy to grow
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