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A creamy-yellow confection with striking, deep green, ribbed leaves. Flowers from July until frost. Ht. 30cm. (12").

This ginger from the Himalaya was long thought to be tender until gardeners learned to plant them deeply: 30cm. (12"). It also has a habit of appearing in late June when an unsuspecting gardener may dig it up by mistake. The non-stop procession of exotic, Orchid-like blooms with deep green ribbed foliage is well worth the wait. Plant in cool dappled to semi-shade in a humus-rich soil that doesn?t dry out. Hardy to zone 5 and possibly colder with a good winter mulch.


flower time: July
flower colour:
plant height: 1.00ft/0.30m
hardiness zone: 5
light: Sun & Partial Shade
soil: Loam
water: Average
unique features: easy to grow
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