A fragrant, healthy and vigorous, deep-pink rendition of the old-fashioned, quartered-bloom roses on a tall 3-3.65 (10-12') plant. A stunning example of the Kordes rose with spotless, glossy foliage and profuse bloom from spring to fall.

aka Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenpr?fung

This prestigious award is given to roses that excel in flower and complete disease resistance. Roses are tested in 9 German gardens for 3 years, for 15 characteristics. Form, colour, fragrance, repeat bloom, hardiness, vigour, disease resistance, etc., are all considered, but the main emphasis is disease resistance. In the trials the Roses aren?t sprayed at all. Few Roses win and those that do are fabulous.

Our roses are strong, #1 grade (3 branched), Canadian-grown, bare root plants grafted to hardy Rosa multiflora rootstock are shipped in April.

Cart (B) Summer Bulbs and Rose Cart
Items in this cart will begin shipping in April or as soon as the risk of freezing in transit is past.

flower time: June
flower colour:
plant height: 12.00ft/3.65m
hardiness zone: 4
light: Sun
soil: Average
water: Average
unique features: climber, fragrant, good for cutting
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