An alien creature comes to mind when the 60cm. (2?) tall, narrow flower spathe appears in early summer. Its a weird combination of rich violet spots and yellow. This is followed later by gorgeous, giant 60 - 90cm (2'-3'), hand shaped leaves on a mottled 60cm (2') green and black stem. All this ends with a unique ?space object? seed head. It likes partial shade. Grow in large pots; store cool and dry indoors for winter. Ht. 60 - 90cm (2'-3'). Hardy to zone 7.

Jumbo 24 +cm bulbs.

How to grow Sauromatum


flower time: May
flower colour:
plant height: 2.00ft/0.60m
hardiness zone: 7
light: Sun & Partial Shade
soil: Average
water: Average
unique features: grow in pots, foliage interest
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