Vines & Shrubs


We've got a bunch of great new introductions, many of which are unknown native shrubs and the wonderful, Canadian-bred new fruiting shrub - HASKAPS.

These should be important "stars" in your perennial border, not off doing a solo act by themselves. In the border they become part of the floral drama, lending height, colour, fragrance, proportion and background as part of the cast. If you carefully arrange the positions of the vine and shrub players on your border "stage", they can become mutually supporting, get a standing ovation from the audience, and rave reviews from all the neighbours.

The majority of our Vines & Shrubs (except bare root Roses) are shipped in 4.5" 1 litre pots. These are packed in our custom designed cartons to ensure their safe and healthy shipment to you. Roses are shipped in April. Vine & Shrub shipments begin in late May and continue through the summer. Click here for more information on shipping.

Click on any of the plant photos below for more details of our selection and to order.

How to grow vines

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